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  • Hey, I'm Stephanie!

    Stephanie Valentine

    Certified Life Coach and Serial Entrepreneur

    Serial entrepreneur, lover of all things business-related and seeker of a peaceful work/life balance.

    I really dislike titles because people will instantly put you in "that" box and ignore all your other talents and gifts. I've been an entrepreneur for over 12 years having multiple business ventures on and offline, so I've been around the block a few times. I've failed, got back up and tried again. So I know my way around starting a business, building a foundation and creating revenue streams. I also know how hard it is for entrepreneurs

    to maintain a healthy balance between achieving their business goals and keeping their personal life afloat. I became a certified life coach to help myself and teach others how to navigate the unpredictable journey of ups and downs known as entrepreneurship.


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    8 Ways to Avoid Burn Out!

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  • Wondering how EsVe can help you?

    Let me show you how to avoid burn-out & information overwhelm by setting realistic, achievable goals.

    Here's a few ways to work with me:

    Simplified Strategy Solutions

    Personalized Goal Strategy Session

    Let's work together to figure out why you may be feeling burned out or going in circles and not making progress. We'll hammer out realistic goals based on where you currently are in your life and a timeline that you can commit to working towards. Click HERE and set up a time for us to chat and see if this option is right for you.

    Girl, Get Your Goals Together!

    Online Community on Facebook. Join us HERE

    This group is for ambitious women who struggle with creating and not sticking to their goals, whether it be personal or business. The aim of this group is to help you change your mindset and decrease burn-out by creating attainable goals and developing a blueprint to help you be successful at achieving them. Accountability is key!

    Girl, Let's Focus: 5 Week Bootcamp

    Group Coaching

    Ready to brainstorm and get your life all the way togetherl? "Girl, Let's Focus" is a small, intimate mastermind where I work together with 20 women to figure out what's keeping you stuck, what's not working and how to fix it. Having a vision of what you want your life to look like is only part of the puzzle. What's your plan to make it happen? Let me show you how to prioritize, align and strategize your way to success on your terms.


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  • Let's be GoalFriends!

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