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  • Hey, I'm Stephanie!

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    Stephanie Valentine

    Certified Life Coach and Business Consultant

    Serial entrepreneur, lover of all things business-related and seeker of a peaceful work/life balance.

    I really dislike titles because people will instantly put you in "that" box and ignore all your other talents and gifts. I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years having multiple business ventures on and offline, so I've been around the block a few times. I've failed, got back up and tried again. So I know my way around starting a business, building a foundation and creating revenue streams. I also know how hard it is for entrepreneurs

    to maintain a healthy balance between achieving their business goals and keeping their personal life afloat. I became a certified life coach to help myself and others navigate the unpredictable journey known as entrepreneurship.


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  • Wondering how EsVe can help you?

    Let me show you how to avoid burn-out & information overwhelm by setting realistic, achievable goals.

    Here's a few ways to work with me:

    Girl, Get Your Goals Together!

    Online Community on Facebook. Join us HERE

    This group is for women entrepreneurs who struggle with creating and not sticking to their goals, personal and business. The aim of this group is to help you change your mindset and decrease burn-out by creating attainable goals and developing a blueprint to help you be successful at achieving them. Accountability is key!

    For New Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Getting Started.

    Digital & Hardcopy

    I've learned through trial and error within my own businesses as well as taken many courses and certifications in the areas of marketing, social media, life coaching, and life skills. All of this, in addition to just plain old watching others and how they do business, researching and asking the right questions have helped me to understand so much about business: what works, what fails, target markets, customer specifics, brand awareness.

    Although my expertise is primarily in online business, what I share in this book will not only enlighten the novice but even the seasoned entrepreneur will get a great refresher on tried and true methods of building a solid, profitable business.


    Release Date September 2019

    Girl, Let's Focus: 5 Week Business Bootcamp

    Group Coaching

    Ready to brainstorm and take your business to the next level? "Girl, Let's Focus" is a small, intimate mastermind where I work together with 20 women to figure out what's keeping your stuck, what's not working and how to fix it, creating achievable goals based on your timeline and so much more to revamp your business and get you on a solid path to growth. This program is live and takes place in January and July.


    Join the waitlist HERE.

    Work Less... Enjoy Life: Self-Care Lessons for the Busy Entrepreneur.

    Self-Study Course

    Coming soon GoalFriends!


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